How to Stand Out When Applying for a Marketing Job

I'm currently hiring a marketer. I've looked at over 300 resumes and have had only about a dozen followup calls. I find the lack of creativity in jobseekers alarming, especially for the marketing profession.

Here are my tips for generating interest from your initial application and resume:

Be *#^%$ creative!

I'm shocked how many people use the same Microsoft Word template when applying for jobs. For marketers, this is just lazy. A resume is your first impression, insist on having a good one.

Are you creative? Does your work have polish? Can you uniquely position yourself? Then show it to me!

The way you market yourself shows me how you'll market our company. How can I trust that your work will be creative, polished, and well thought out when your resume isn't? It just doesn't make sense.

Blurry Resume Out of these three, who would you want to talk to?

In the above example, the third resume was not only the most creative, but easiest to read. Yet the ratio of left to right is 30 to 1.

When I block off an hour to look at resumes, my eyes glaze over after 10 minutes. The same 12-point Times New Roman on white over and over again. Any injection of color and style will make you Roy Lichtenstein.

Lichtenstein SaaS

A quick Google search for "photoshop resume templates" gives you over 800k results! Any one of these will increase your marketing brand and will only take an evening to put together. You'll also pick up some desktop publishing skills along the way.

Personalize for the type of marketing.

Not all marketing is created equal. Marketing a beauty salon, an energy drink, or a SaaS company take very different skills.

I understand that a career takes many turns. Having a diverse background makes you a better marketer. I started as a consumer marketer, then eCommerce, then moved to enterprise.

B2B vs. B2C

An applicant should be aware of the many types of marketing. Despite previously marketing a different type of company, you might still be qualified for the job. Please orient your resume and your LinkedIn to highlight why.

Acknowledge that you have not marketed a SaaS product before, but communicate why you should still be considered.

Manage your personal brand.

When I Google your name, what do I find?

A good digital marketer is a citizen of the web. She is an active contributor. She has a personal website that showcases her work, insightful Quora answers, and leaves a well thought out digital footprint.

You can tell an engineer is good by looking at their GitHub. Their projects, contributions, and conversations give tremendous insight into the quality of their code and how they interact with others.

Marketers lack a centralized hub, so I try to look for everything they do online. How much work did they put in to establishing their digital footprint?

Good places to show off your marketing chops:
Personal website or, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Medium, AngelList,,

How you market yourself is how you'll market our company.

Be thoughtful and strategic about how your personal brand is presented online.

Image Credit: Marcos Proença

I hope that future applicants to our open position see this post and make my life easier :)